Название: VirtualDub
Версия: 1.8.6 Build 30009
Licenсе: Freeware
Операционная системе: Windows
Язык: English

О программе:
VirtualDub- программа для обработки звука и видео. Лучшая в своем роде.

Latest Changes:
Build 30009 (1.8.6, stable): [September 21, 2008]
[bugs fixed]
* Wheel scrolling in the Set Text Information dialog closes the edit control.
* Save Segmented AVI now works with VBR audio.
* Animated GIF export now fails with an error if the current output format is
compressed or otherwise not supported.
* JobControl: Fixed crash when one machine attempts to run a job in
distributed mode right when another machine deletes it.
* JobControl: The filter crop mode saved in jobs was opposite from selected.
(This only affected YCbCr cropping.)
* Capture: Fixed crash when capture driver sends audio samples when
DirectShow graph is not running.
* D3D: Fixed sporadic crash on lost device.
* D3D: Fixed Direct3D errors when display debug information is enabled and a
video filter fails to initialize.
* Frameserver: Frame rate adjustments weren't always propagated correctly.

[regressions fixed]
* Fixed crash when using fast/normal recompress mode without a video codec.
* Fixed divide by zero crash when loading video and a video filter in the
list is unable to initialize.
* Changing the "source rate adjustment" option no longer invalidates the
current selection.
* Rendering would loop endlessly if an error occurred during video
compression and threaded compression was disabled.
* Disabling the "directly decode YCbCr formats" option works again.
* Filters: lMicrosecsPerFrame and lMicrosecsPerSrcFrame were reporting
milliseconds (broken since 1.8.0).
* JobControl: Fixed case where a non-distributed "load job list" command can
fail due to erroneously running distributed-mode code.
* JobControl: Fixed problem where dialog would suddenly close when editing
job names.
* Script: Fixed crash when removing video filter from filter chain.
* DV: Audio decoding works again with NTSC DV files (broken since 1.8.4).


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