Memory Washer 5.1

Memory Washer - данная программа позволяет увеличить быстродействие вашего компьютера за счет освобождения оперативной памяти. В Memory Washer есть возможность установки минимального количество свободной оперативной памяти, при превышении которого запустится модуль и попытается удалить из оперативной памяти лишние процессы. Кроме этого, есть возможности настройки меню автозагрузки Windows и множество других полезных настроек.

Memory Optimization
With Memory Washer you can increase the amount of your available memory by up to 95%. Memory Washer recovers memory leaks from unstable programs, protects your computer from Windows crashes and increases the efficiency of your CPU and motherboard caches; all with just a click of your mouse!

Startup Manager
Memory Washer allows you to delete or disable entries that automatically start on Windows startup. With Memory Washer’s Startup Manager you can pull entries from your start menu startup programs folder as well as from the registry

Auto Memory Cleaner
With Memory Washer’s Automatic Memory Management you can schedule Memory Washer to automatically increase your available memory immediately at specified intervals or upon reaching a preset amount of memory

Boost Performance
Memory Washer speeds up your computer by increasing the amount of available memory, recovering memory leaks, and managing Widows startup items and Windows running processes

Processes Management
Memory Washer allows you to detect and disable malicious processes running and slowing down your computer’s speed. With Memory Washer's Processes Manager you can easily view which programs are using the most memory and manage those programs by terminating them or changing their current priority

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